Monday, 9 May 2011

(yawns) Oh, good morning, has everyone had a chance to recover?

Much as I like elections, the idea of holding a set of Scottish Parliamentary, Welsh Assembly, Northern Ireland Assembly, 279 sets of English local, 6 English mayoral, a parliamentary by-election, 26 sets of Northern Ireland local and a national referendum on the Alternative Vote is too much for one country to handle all at the same time (hence the reason I have decided to summarise things way after the events in order to recover). We've already had a summary of Scotland (and I concur, the whole reason for the regional list was to punish a party that did spectactulary well in the constituencies, however clearly no one thought that a party would have such disciplined vote management as to poll virtually the same on the regional list as the constituency), so it seems only fair to tackle Wales

Constituency Vote
Labour 401,677 votes (42.32% +9.94%) winning 28 seats (+4)
Conservatives 236,916 votes (24.96% +2.47%) winning 6 seats (+1)
Plaid Cymru 182,907 votes (19.27% -3.26%) winning 5 seats (-2)
Liberal Demcocrats 100,731 votes (10.61% -4.24%) winning 1 seat (-2)
Others 27,021 votes (2.85% -4.92%) winning 0 seats (-1)
Labour lead of 164,761 (17.36%) on a swing from Con to Lab of 3.76%

Constituencies changing hands
Conservative GAINS: Aberconwy from Plaid Cymru, Montgomeryshire from Liberal Democrats
Labour GAINS: Blaenau Gwent from Independent, Cardiff North from Conservatives, Cardiff Central from Liberal Democrats, Llanelli from Plaid Cymru

Regional List Vote
Labour 349,935 votes (36.85%) winning 2 seats (unchanged)
Conservatives 213,773 votes (22.51%) winning 8 seats (+1)
Plaid Cymru 169,799 votes (17.88%) winning 6 seats (-2)
Liberal Demcocrats 76,349 votes (8.04%) winning 4 seats (+1)
United Kingdom Independence Party 43,756 votes (4.60%) winning 0 seats (unchanged)
Green Party 32,649 votes (3.43%) winning 0 seats
Socialist Labour Party 23,020 votes (2.42%) winning 0 seats
British National Party 22,610 votes (2.38%) winning 0 seats
Others 17,497 votes (1.86%) winning 0 seats

Regional List Changes
South Wales Central: John Dixon (Lib Dem) elected at the expense of Chris Franks AM (Plaid)
Mid and West Wales: William Powell (Lib Dem) elected at the expense of Nick Bourne AM (Con)
Wales North: No changes
Wales South East: Mohammad Ashgar (Con) elected at the expense of Vernonica German AM (Lib Dem)
Wales South West: Henry Davies (Con) elected at the expense of Dai Lloyd AM (Plaid)

Overall Seat Tally
Labour win 28 constituencies + 2 regionals = 30 AM's (+4)
Conservatives win 6 constituencies + 8 regionals = 14 AM's (+2)
Plaid Cymru win 5 constituencies + 6 regionals = 11 AM's (-4)
Liberal Democrats win 1 constituency + 4 regionals = 5 AM's (-1)
Labour short of an overall majority by 1


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