Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Introducing: Kristofer Keane

We are pleased to announce that Kristofer Keane is joining the team. Kristofer is a Scottish Green Party Activist in North Lanarkshire with an interest in elections and he is coming on board primarily as our Scottish 'Correspondent', covering next year's Scottish Council elections and any by-elections that crop up north of the border. Kristofer may well be known to some readers as he has a website focussing on Scottish elections along with an accompanying blog. He is also a prolific tweeter and you can, and should, follow him @KristoferKeane.

In addition to Kristofer becoming a regular contributor we can also confirm that Harry Hayfield will continue to write for the site. During the last month both Chris and Tom have been a lot busier than we thought we would be when we planned our election coverage and Harry has done an excellent job taking some of the workload from us. Harry has been our de-facto Welsh 'Correspondent' since he joined us in February and this will continue as we move towards next year's local elections in Wales.


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