Wednesday, 18 May 2011

More by-elections (parliamentary) in the offing?

Firstly, the dutiful hat tip to Political and specfically "Morus" (aka Greg Callus) who has posted this morning that thanks to various international "problems" there could be a few more parliamentary by-elections on the horizon soon. These "problems" revolve around the proposition that the IMF might be in need of a new Managing Director and that the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policym has not been made to feel that welcome around the EU table. So where does he think the next by-election to the UK Parliament may be?

Well, for the position at the IMF the honourable member for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath (Gordon Brown MP) has had the financial background (being Chancellor from 1997 - 2007) but a) could the IMF really have a person who was Prime Minister during a financial crisis as chairman of an organisation who bails out countries and b) could David Cameron really have the PM before him looking over his shoulder. Which brings us to the honourable member for Rushcliffe (Ken Clarke MP) who is also a former Chancellor of the Exechequer, but Greg believes he would be happier as a Trade Commissioner in the European Union one day.

What about the honourable member for South Shields (David Milliband MP)? As Greg points out "for the bonus prize of irritating Gordon Brown, Cameron should try and manoeuvre DM into the IMF job, but I suspect he lacks the economic policy chops for that" which brings us to the most suprising suggestion of all and that is the honourable member for Sheffield, Hallam and current Deputy Prime Minister (Nick Clegg MP) where Greg notes "He is multi-lingual, a former MEP, pro-European, and as Deputy Prime Minister has the pedigree to be a Vice President of the Commission. I think he would be perfectly suited to Brussels, should he find himself knifed by his own party, or should Cameron need a consolation prize and mark of gratitude if he decides to dissolve the Coalition and call a General Election"

So keep your eyes on Brussels, New York and Washington DC (as it's very likely the next UK by-election could well be triggered there more than anywhere else)


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