Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Northern Ireland Local Elections : Day 2

With all the council seats now declared, Northern Ireland councils look like this:
Ulster Unionists 98 councillors (-15) winning 0 councils
Democratic Unionists 175 councillors (-6) winning 0 councils
Progressive Unionists 2 councillors (n/c) winning 0 councils
Traditional Unionist Voice 6 councillors (+6) winning 0 councils
Unionist Bloc: 281 councillors (-18)

Alliance 44 councillors (+14)
Independents 27 councillors (+6)
Greens 3 (n/c)
United Kingdom Independence Party 1 (+1)
Non Aligned Bloc: 75 councillors (+20)

Social Democratic and Labour Party 87 councillors (-14) winning 0 councils
Sinn Fein 133 councillors (+7) winning 1 council (+1)
Nationalist Bloc: 220 councillors (-7)

Northern Ireland's councils use STV for their elections and as such it is virtually impossible for a party to control a council (as is the case in Scotland), however in 2005 the Democratic Unionists controlled both Castlereagh and Ballymena councils. This year they lost control of those councils and every single council in Northern Ireland would have been NOC, if Sinn Fein had not GAINED Magherafelt from NOC. I have yet to confirm this, but I believe this is the first time that Sinn Fein have ever controlled a Northern Irish council.


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