Saturday, 15 May 2010

A Welcome Break

After a week of soaking in the incredible political news, and taking a little break from writing about the election, is looking to the future. We still have Thirsk and Malton to elect their MP to complete this year's General Election and, of course, the race to replace Brown as the leader of the Labour Party. In the coming weeks we'll be running articles on both as well as continuing the post mortem on our predictions. When all that's wrapped up we'll begin to look at next year's Scottish and Welsh elections as well as analysing this year's Council election results. Labour secretly gained over 400 seats if you hadn't realised! And, sadly, there will always be Parliamentary and Council by-elections to cover. But on a brighter note we've been promised a Referendum on a new voting system, so that will be something to talk about even if it results in a No vote. If the British people do wish to switch to the Alternative Vote then this blog will be on hand to look at how this will affect the next General Election. Finally, there's always potential for a Government, especially a coalition Government, to fall; which would probably give us more material than we could handle right now! So, despite a quiet week, is for life, not just the 2010 General Election. Our meandering thoughts will here for all to see, and disagree with, until we are subjected to a dictatorship…!


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