Saturday, 5 March 2011

An Open Letter to Sir Peter Soulsby MP (Lab, Leicester South)

Dear Sir Peter,

First of all, may I offer my congratulations on your selection as the Labour candidate for the forthcoming mayoral elections in Leicester. I visited the city during the by-election in 2004 (when I was campaigning for the Liberal Democrats) and would have liked to have visited the Space Centre (if I had had a spare moment). However, I am writing to you with a plea.

As you have announced that you cannot be a mayoral candidate and a Member of Parliament, you will be standing down from Parliament (which as I am sure most people will agree is a valid point) however, I am writing to ask you to suggest to the Labour chief whip NOT to hold the by-election on May 5th 2011 (as has been suggested on Labour List). The reason for this is as follows:
  • National Assembly Elections in Wales (60 members)
  • Scottish Parliament Elections (129 members)
  • Northern Ireland Assembly Elections (108 members)
  • Local Elections in England (279 councils)
  • Local Elections in Northern Ireland (26 councils)
  • Alternative Vote Referendum (400+ council areas/constituencies/ regions across the UK)
There is already too much happening on May 5th for us poor psephologists to cope with, therefore would respectfully ask that if you are able to speak with the Labour chief whip about holding the by-election on either April 29th 2011 or May 12th 2011 in order to give us a chance to recover.

Yours sincerely, Harry Hayfield, Ceredigion, Wales


  1. What nonsense. This vote will only affect the people of leicester south. While they are voting labour in the local elections they can vote labour in the mayoral and by election at the same time. This argument is not supported by your glorious leader clegg - why hold the AV vote on the same day as the other elections?
    Paul Manchester

  2. @Paul

    I think you've missed the point slightly. The complaint is we amateur psephologists have a lot on our plate that week as it is!

  3. April 29th's a bank holiday. Some posh people are getting hitched.