Thursday, 28 April 2011

Site Notice

We've got a couple of largely unrelated announcements about the blog to make. Actually, 'announcement' seems a bit grand for what they are but that will do!

You may be thinking that given the proximity to the elections this site should be a hive of activity. Readers that have been with us from the start may recall last year's bombardment in the 10 days leading up to the General Election (more recent followers see here and here)! Basically, as can sometimes happen, life has got in the way of our hobby. Over the last few months both Chris and Tom have been applying for plenty of jobs relevant to there qualifications with limited success. However, like buses, we've both been offered opportunities at short notice so despite the inconvenient timing (and the short term nature of them – rest assured, these aren't necessarily the beginnings of glittering careers!) we've really had to take them. As there are unlikely to be any interviews or training days taking place over the Bank Holiday weekend we should hopefully be able to catch up with the blogging!

The unrelated other announcement would be better described as an offer. You may have noticed that we ran a guest post earlier in the evening from an activist in Cannock Chase on next week's elections in the District. John getting in touch with us and submitting that article has led us to run with an idea that we had been toying with anyway. As we just don't have the time or resources to write about local council elections in the detail we would like to we are opening up the floor. If you would like to submit an article on your local council election then, if it's written well enough, we would be happy to publish it.

The key thing we would insist on is transparency from the author. We have great faith in people's ability to take a step back and write from a neutral perspective but without full disclosure of any political ties you, and therefore we, would be open to accusations of bias if that information was later revealed. The other thing is that if you write a preview then a review would also be a welcome touch, although we're not going to chase you with an axe if that just isn't practical!

So there you have it. In summary, Chris and Tom have been a bit busier the last few days than we expected (Tom will be definitely very busy throughout May) and if you want to write an article on how your local Council election might pan out we'd love to host it. And just to clarify, these two things really aren't linked. Fear not; any Guest Posts will be published in addition to our own content, not instead of!


Edit: You'll probably want an email address for any submissions – Use that address or the comments if you would like any further information.


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