Thursday, 10 February 2011

Goughie 4 Barnsley Central? No, ta!

In an odd move the Conservatives tried to get former England Cricketer Darren Gough to be their candidate for the Barnsley Central by-election. Apparently, Gough was so shocked receive a call from the Prime Minster asking him to stand he put the phone down thinking it was a prank! As he is Barnsley born and bred, and a Conservative supporter, the plan had some legs. However, Gough declined the offer as he felt he would be unable to combine running for Parliament with his other professional commitments. Since his retirement from First Class Cricket in 2008 Gough has landed a drive time slot on TalkSport, and as there is very little chance of the Tories gaining this seat from Labour his decision is understandable.

Despite getting turned down by their preferred choice the Conservatives have now announced who will be their candidate for this by-election; James Hockney. He contested the neighbouring Barnsley East constituency last May, finishing third behind Labour and the Liberal Democrats. Given the latter's poor polling at the moment Hockney will be hoping he secure second place for his party next month. Hopefully he won't be too upset at being second choice to 'Goughie'!

By-Election Candidate


Dan Jarvis (LAB)


- (LD)


James Hockney (CON)


Enis Dalton (BNP)


Jane Collins (UKIP)


- (IND)


- (IND)


- (SLP)



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