Thursday, 17 February 2011

Barnsley Candidates Confirmed

Yesterday the Statement of Persons Nominated for the Barnsley Central by-election was released. Despite the tight timetable there are nine candidates seeking to replace the disgraced Eric Illsley in Westminster. Labour selected their candidate a while ago and the Tories followed suit at the end of last week. The Liberal Democrats caught up at the weekend as they announced that Dominic Carman would fight this by-election for them. Carman, who only joined the Lib Dems in 2009, is an unofficial biographer of Nick Griffin and he contested the Barking constituency in May. His stated aim was to use his research against the BNP leader and help prevent the extremist party gaining a seat. Although he has little chance of winning this by-election Carman's two selections for Parliamentary seats in his first two years as a member would suggest this won't be the last we hear of him.

As for the minor parties, the English Democrats will be hoping to avoid another embarrassing by-election result after they came eighth in Oldham last month behind the Monster Raving Loonies. The Loonies themselves are fielding their leader Howling Laud Hope, who intended to stand in the January by-election but had other commitments. The Socialist Labour Party came last here in May and they have not put up a candidate for the by-election. Of the two Independents who stood last year only one, Tony Devoy, is running again. There is a new Independent candidature in the shape of Michael Val Davies, but beyond the fact he lives in Devon not much is know about him.

So, here is the final list:

By-Election Candidate


Dan Jarvis (LAB)


Dominic Carman (LD)


James Hockney (CON)


Enis Dalton (BNP)


Jane Collins (UKIP)




Tony Devoy (IND)




Kevin Riddiough (ED)


Howling Laud Hope (OMRL)


Michael Val Davies (IND)



  1. How has Labour even got the nerve to field a candidate after so many of their MPs have been exposed as corrupt? The same goes for the Con-Lib coalition, with their shameful policy of giving votes to murderers and rapists in prison. I hope Jane Collins wins - she is the only candidate there with a sane set of policies and a clean record in personal ethics. Go it, UKIP!

  2. If we were not giving £50 million per day to the EU, and bailing out Greece and Ireland, we would not have to be making all these disastrous cuts. We could keep our libraries, our disability allowance, our defence system and much, much more.
    A lot of naive people now are campaigning against EU fishing policies (Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and co) but we in UKIP have always pointed out that these policies are harmful and disastrous. We have been warning you all for years!

  3. To first anon person i get your point about Lab MPs but to be fair to the coalition they've never suggested giving the vote to murderers. They've suggested giving the vote to prisoners who are serving less than 4 years. Some rapists are given less than 4 years in jail but thats due to the law & perhaps they should be given longer.
    I don't see why prisoners shouldn't be given the vote, we have to rehabilitate them as much as punish them.

    To 2nd anon. We would still have to be making cuts even if we stopped giving money to the EU & didn't bail out Greece & Ireland. The money we use to help them is a drop in the ocean compared to our debt plus we should have bailed out Ireland because we trade with them. We would suffer if we didn't bail them out. We should have bailed Greece out because its the right thing to do.