Friday, 9 April 2010

London Page

Our London Page is up and running. Take a look here and tell us what you think of the predictions. We're not in London so local knowledge is always appreciated! The plan now is for Mike to look at the Midlands (he's from Leicester) whilst Tom concentrates on the 'East'. We have enlisted the help of two of our other bloggers to look at the Celtic nations. As Kayleigh is Welsh, she will be discussing Wales. And despite the fact Chris is from Dorset he has a great deal of knowledge about Scottish politics. We have no problem letting him loose on the seats in Scotland. Hopefully all four coming out at once won't be too much to take for regular readers but ideally we're looking to get this done with a couple of weeks to go so we can review them all (and fit in our other jobs!). Sharing the work seems the best way of achieving this goal.

Meanwhile, enjoy the campaign…and keep checking back for updates!


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