Monday, 31 January 2011

Welcome to Northern Ireland Votes!

Tonight I will be publishing the first of our Northern Irish constituency previews. These previews will be ongoing throughout the next few weeks. Due to the rather unpredictable nature of the Single Transferable Vote used in Northern Ireland, the lack of decent polling data (Northern Irish polling is rarely accurate, and is, in any case, incredibly sparse), and other related issues I will not be making predictions as to the result of individual constituencies as such. Rather I will outline what I think is the most likely hypothetical scenarios in each seat. As the 5th of May approaches I will look through the seats once again and make a generalised projection of how I think the results are likely to fall.

If you want more information 'Northern Ireland Votes' at the top of the page should fill you in.

As always we hope you enjoy the coverage, stay tuned for updates, and if you’re in Northern Ireland please do give us details of how you think the campaign is going.


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