Wednesday, 5 January 2011

By-Election Preview (6th January)

We kick off 2011 in Berkshire where the Park ward in the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead is up for grabs. The local government structure in Berkshire is slightly odd as in 1998 the County Council was abolished and each of the six District Councils were awarded Unitary Authority status. The vacancy has arisen because the incumbent Conservative Councillor Richard Gard has moved from the area. The Tories easily won both seats here at the 2007 election but this isn't necessarily a safe ward for them. In 2003 the Liberal Democrats held the two seats in Park and they are sure to be the main challengers to the Conservatives in this by-election. Their candidate Richard Fagence served on the Council for 10 years before he lost his Clewer South seat three and a half years ago. He wasn't the only defeated Lib Dem at the last election as they lost 18 seats to cede control of Windsor & Maidenhead to the Tories. The result of this by-election should show whether we can expect a similar wave in the Borough come May's full Council elections.

Park (Windsor & Maidenhead)



Natasha Lavender (CON)


Richard Fagence (LD)


Laura Binnie (LAB)


Derek Prime (IND)



  1. It should be added that the only reason this by-election is so close to the full locals in May is that Richard Gard screwed over the Tories because of his poor attendance at Council and the Tories weren't going to reselect him. (apparently...)

  2. Park, Windsor & Maidenhead Royal Borough Council(Unitary)

    Natasha Lavender (Conservative) 637,
    Richard Fagence (Liberal Democrat) 156,
    Laura Binnie (Labour) 149,
    Derek Prime (Independent) 47.

  3. Tom - your 2007 candidates above are incorrect, you are showing the 2011 candidates instead - please could you fix this?

  4. Sorry, its the current candidate and the 2007 result. We apologise for the confusion.