Friday, 21 January 2011

Wales Votes

Right, I've just finished the last of our guides to the devolved Assembly elections in May this year: Wales Votes, which can be found at the top of the page.

Our more in-depth coverage of the elections will be starting soon. If you spot any mistakes or otherwise, or have any criticisms, positive or negative, please do inform us. I cannot claim to be perfect though I try to use good sources.


  1. There is one misconception. The Welsh Liberal Democrats did go into the 1999 elections expecting to form a coalition and were prepared for it, however despite making representations to Labour they were rebuffed. Alun Michael as First Secretary was determined to go it alone and had the support of his group for that.

    It was only after Alun Michael was no confidenced and replaced by Rhodri Morgan that Labour accepted the inevitability of a coalition and sought to open negotiations.

    Also the free prescriptions policy was not a Lib Dem one but one adopted by Labour in the 2003 Assembly elections and implemented over the next four years by a minority Labour Government.

  2. Well both those comments came from an academic journal article I came across, so apologies if they are incorrect statements. I've edited them both out.