Tuesday, 25 January 2011

It Starts…Today!

The 5th May is less than 100 days away so we thought we'd better roll out our coverage of this year's bumper elections! If you've been with us since the start then I'm sure you'll recall our 'Look @' posts last year in the run up to the General Election. What started as a quick preview of some local constituencies developed into a pretty big project; looking at all 632 seats in Great Britain. We didn't decide to commit to this crazy plan until March and it required a pretty hectic schedule to complete them all before May. This year we're a bit more organised, despite being a man down so to speak.

Over the next month Chris and Tom will be publishing Look @'s for the Welsh Assembly and Northern Irish Parliament almost daily. Then we'll move on to the Scottish Parliament and English local elections as well as writing a post or two on the AV referendum (should it happen!). We've also badgered our (infrequent) contributor Kayleigh Lewis to do some journalistic articles on the local (to us) elections and some key seats in the devolved legislatures.

The one major change we are making from last year is that we will not be making ridged predictions. Instead we will use a more American style 'safe/lean' system; sitting on the fence a bit more, so to speak! As we get closer to the day we'll tighten these up to offer a general projection, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it!

So we hope you'll enjoy the coverage, and not only come back for updates but give us a feel of how the campaigns are going near you! Tune in later for the first Wales post :-).


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