Friday, 5 March 2010

University of Plymouth Debate

Tonight will be attending a debate between Parliamentary Candidates at the University of Plymouth. It is a chance for students at the university to hear what the Plymouth Sutton and Devonport candidates have to offer and it should be a very interesting evening. It has been arranged by the Politics and International Affairs Society which Chris and Tom helped found when they were undergraduates. We have to confess that whilst we were on the committee we failed to organise anything as impressive and exciting as this so congratulations to Sarah and her team for setting this up!

We have contacted some of the Plymouth S + D candidates to answer a few questions and a post on the UKIP candidate Andrew Leigh will be published at 1500 this afternoon. We are excited at the prospect of hearing what the other candidates have to say perhaps they'll convince us to change our
initial prediction of a Conservative gain! Regardless, they will certainly be many votes up for grabs tonight (ours included!) and we'll bring you our reaction to the event over the weekend.


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