Sunday, 14 March 2010

A note on Notional Majorities (and other things)

With less than eight weeks until polling day have been preparing for election mode. We’ve settled on the style of our constituency reviews and a template can be found on the top bar. The two important changes are the addition of a bookies favourite column and the switching of our notional majorities. The first change is fairly self explanatory. Betting markets are useful guides to how a seat will fall and so we’ll be flagging up the Ladbrokes favourite to win each constituency. The change in the source of our Notional Majority is more important. Up until now we have used UKPR instead of Rallings and Thrasher. Although there is not a lot of difference between the two methods there is sometimes a significant difference in the notional majorities of some constituencies. We feel it would be better to switch to the ‘official’ majorities (Rallings and Thrasher) so we start from a more credible position if there is any disparity between the two. We will run some articles on the differences between the two majorities on the constituencies we have already been through.

In other news, we have changed the comments policy to allow feedback without having to sign in to blogspot. We hope this will encourage discussions on our posts and help us judge the mood of constituencies we will struggle to experience first hand from our base in Plymouth. Now that’s all sorted we’ll get back to the task in hand!


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