Saturday, 13 March 2010

Everyone Hates Brown because he is Badly Dressed

GQ magazine have just published their best and worst dressed man list. Not something I’d usually read, but interestingly, a panel of “experts” has declared our beloved PM the worst dressed gentleman in the country.

No idea who these experts are mind you, though their rankings all seem pretty accurate. Brown is accompanied by Russell Brand, Boris Johnson and Peter Stringfellow. Hardly men associated with a good-fashion sense!

Anyway, there’s a much more serious issue here; is Brown’s lack of popularity a result of his poor presentation? None of his entourage of advisors appears to have advised him upon presentation. Though admittedly those advisors of his do appear to have had little impact in other areas so far…

I thought it was just me, but Harvard Business Review did publish an article a few years back… It claimed that interview success and promotion at work was found to be quite strongly associated with looks. Following a lengthy research project, they proposed that the symmetry of one’s face could be measured and used to predict success in the workplace.

Brown is a bit of a stark contrast to Cameron, who ended up eighth on the best-dressed list. Furthermore, there does seem to be some lingering perception of Brown as badly presented and badly dressed. Let’s face it; he’s not the best-looking chap in the world is he? So perhaps this does override our perception of his individual appearances. Therefore, if Harvard’s research is to be believed, Brown has no chance against the more attractive Cameron.


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