Sunday, 5 June 2011

Labour select Iain McKenzie as their candidate for the Inverclyde by-election

Labour have selected the Inverclyde Council Leader Iain McKenzie as their candidate for the forthcoming Parliamentary by-election in Inverclyde. McKenzie fought off four other candidates on the shortlist to win the nomination and he will begin his campaign wary of the threat posed by the Scottish Nationalists. Although on paper this seat is safer than some Labour have defended this year the previous three Westminster by-elections have been in constituencies where the Liberal Democrats were second at the last General Election. The SNP may require a swing of almost 20% from last year but their performance in the recent Scottish Parliament elections should keep Labour honest.

Anne McLaughlin was chosen as the Scottish Nationalist's candidate on Thursday and although a gain may be a step too far there is certainly a good chance this will be the first by-election where Labour's majority is cut this Parliament. The SNP were only 511 votes short of gaining the roughly equivalent Greenock & Inverclyde constituency last month and Labour are starting from a better position in this seat as their vote in Scotland actually increased at the General Election last year.

Currently no date has been set for the by-election although rumours of the 30th June have been going around. If that is to happen the writ would need to be moved this week. There have been other suggestions that the contest will be delayed until the autumn.

Here's the 2010 result with the declared by-election candidates:

By-Election Candidate


Iain McKenzie (Lab)


Anne McLaughlin (SNP)


- (LD)


- (Con)


- (UKIP)



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