Thursday, 9 June 2011

Inverclyde By-Election set for 30th June

Rumours over the past few days suggesting that Labour were intending to move the writ for the Inverclyde by-election have turned out to be true. The contest to replace David Cairns will take place on 30th June. Some Labour MPs are said to be uneasy about holding the by-election so soon after their drubbing in the Scottish Parliament elections last month but as they didn't fancy holding it during the school holidays any further delays would have left the seat empty for up to three months.

A couple more candidates have been announced as well bringing the total up to four so far. UKIP, by default, introduced Mitch Sorbie as their man on Sunday. Sorbie was his parties lead candidate for the West of Scotland region at last month's elections but UKIP were not even close to winning a seat anywhere in Scotland. If they manage to save their deposit in this by-election it will be an impressive feat.

The Conservatives are also on the verge of confirming their selection. ConservativeHome are reporting that the Tories' sole Councillor in Inverclyde David Wilson should be confirmed as their candidate tomorrow following a meeting of the local party. Wilson stood in Inverclyde at last year's General Election, coming fourth with 12% of the vote.

The Liberal Democrats are due to select next week.

Here's the 2010 result with updated by-election candidates:

By-Election Candidate


Iain McKenzie (Lab)


Anne McLaughlin (SNP)


- (LD)


David Wilson (Con)


Mitch Sorbie (UKIP)



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