Wednesday, 8 September 2010


As the General Election was over four months ago it seems a little pointless leaving our stab at predicting the event on our limited page space. So we've finally changed it a little up there! Fear not, the posts are still searchable. The GE2010 page has links to the [now buried as blog posts] pages which in turn still link to the numerous Look @ posts. In the next few weeks we'll be utilising the space up there for more topical tables. As you can see now, the previous Exeter and Norwich City Council election results have pride of place. They'll be referenced in a preview post tomorrow and updated on Thursday night. Also, as the ballots have been sent out we will be blogging a bit more about the Labour Leadership battle in the run up to the announcement of the result on 25th September. We've also got some material to publish on the General and Local election results from may that can go up now we have the space. However, that will probably wait until after this busy period of electoral activity.


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