Monday, 13 September 2010

*New* By-Election Page

If you have a quick look at the top menu bar you should (hopefully) see a new page called 'By-Elections'. On it is the current list of forthcoming by-elections. Usually this is provided in the form of a blog post on Monday evenings but there are so many of them now that this is taking up far too much room. Therefore, as part of the site's restructuring, there will be a permanent page to visit to check out when and where Britain is voting. The page will be updated on Sundays and there will be a 'last update' time provided. The regular Monday night post will then show the new vacancies that have arisen and newly confirmed dates of by-elections we were already aware of.


  1. fast becoming the first site I turn to on a Friday afternoon,doing a very good job for all us political junkies!!

  2. Thanks anonymous! Always nice to get feedback...especially good feedback :-D.