Thursday, 2 September 2010

By-Election Preview (2nd September)

There are no top tier by-elections taking place today, but there are a couple of vacancies on West Lancashire District Council to be filled. Both are for neighbouring Labour held seats within the Lancashire West Parliamentary constituency, but one is a lot more marginal than the other.

The by-election for Up Holland ward has been called following the death of Labour Cllr. Terry Rice. In 2007 he won his seat by just 27 votes, and Labour subsequently lost to the Conservatives in 2008. However, in May this year Labour easily won the seat with the General Election turnout. With the Conservatives in power locally – they hold 31 of the 53 seats on the Council – and nationally it will be tough for them to make a gain.

The other by-election is also due to the death of a Labour Councillor. Doreen Saxton easily won her Skelmersdale South seat in 2007, and in the two subsequent Council elections her party has enjoyed large victories in this safe seat. It would be a surprise if Labour lost Up Holland… the Tories have little to no chance in Skelmersdale South. In addition, the Labour candidates have enjoyed visits from both Ed Balls and Andy Burnham during their campaigns. I doubt they needed the boost.

There are four Town Council by-elections taking place tonight: West Ward, Camborne TC (Cornwall); Town, Sevenoaks TC (Kent); Castle, Oswestry TC (Shropshire); Castle, Alnwick TC (Northumberland).

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