Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Jersey 2011

When the United Kingdom held it's massed elections last year, there were some parts that did not have a single vote. The Isle of Man and the Channel Islands (as although they are part of the United Kingdom, they do not have political representation in Westminster and were not consulted on the AV referendum). However, tomorrow (October 19th) Jersey holds it's own general election for senators, deputies and constables.

Senators are elected to a three year term using the same system of election as in multi member wards in the UK (i.e an elector has as many votes are there seats to fill). In these elections there are four seats for which 13 candidates have been duly nominated. Deputies are also elected for three year terms using the same method across 12 constituencies and Constables are elected for four year terms in the same that local elections happen in the UK.

When all fifty one members are elected, the first course of action will be to elect a new Chief Minister (akin to the First Ministers in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) who will then nominate nine other members to become his Cabinet (a vote happening if there is an opposition candidate to the one nominated). The elections will be covered via BBC Channel Island television (Sky Channel 988) with a special election edition of Spotlight on Wednesday afternoon and evening (after the main news) or you can listen to the results LIVE on BBC Radio Jersey online via the main BBC Jersey page from 8.00pm on Wednesday. You can also find a full list of Senatorial candidates on that page.


  1. Actually the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are NOT part of the United Kingdom. They are British Crown Dependencies but that does not make them part of the United Kingdom - so Acts of the United Kingdom Parliament do not apply to Crown Dependencies unless Parliament expressly declares it.

  2. (Source: BBC Channel Islands)
    (* indicates incumbent)

    St. Martin: Hill 709 *Luce 1008
    St. Clement: Pinel 1314 Baudains 979 Cabeldu 712 Bree 710 *Dupre 679 Ward 351
    St. Brelade 1: Young 339 Prior 306 Hathaway 285 *Jeune 276
    St. Helier 1: Baker 767 *Pitman 763 *Martin 717 *Le Claire 700 Le Cornu 571 Shaw 482 O'Keeffe-Burgher 331 Risoli 178
    St Helier 2: Bryans 763 *Pitman 743 *Southern 694 Senator Le Main 593 * De Sousa 579 Raymond 430 Manning 282
    St Peter: Moore 1169 Le Marquand 589