Tuesday, 9 August 2011

It’s that time of year again…

The nominations for the Total Politics Blog Awards 2011 open yesterday morning and they will remain so until midnight on Friday. They've changed the rules a bit this year as not only can you vote for your favourite blog you can also single out specific Bloggers. Furthermore, there's an option to vote for your favourite Tweeter! If you can cope with all that excitement then I suggest you head here and spend five minutes filling out the survey.

Now, this article may look like a shameless plug, and we will plead guilty to that accusation! If you feel our blogging or tweeting is worthy of your vote then we will, of course, be very grateful. However, we encourage all of our readers to fill in the survey regardless of whether we are in your list. Before we started this blog we read blogs. Before we read blogs we didn't read blogs (duh!). The Total Politics Awards serve as a useful starting guide for new members of the Political Blogosphere who will, in turn, become the active bloggers of tomorrow. Use your democratic right to help shape this annual snapshot and give them a helping hand. Oh, and many bloggers a nice little avatar to boast about!


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