Wednesday, 3 August 2011

By-Election Preview (4th August)

There is just one by-election taking place tomorrow but to keep us all entertained it should be a close one. The South Petherton division on Somerset County Council is vacant following the resignation of Conservative Councillor Anne Larpent, who is moving to Australia because of her husband's career. Larpent's gained the seat from the Liberal Democrats in 2009 with a victory margin of 94 votes but it will be tough for the Tories to hold this seat tomorrow. The division covers the South Petherton and Eggwood wards on the South Somerset District Council and in May, despite their generally poor performance, the Lib Dems received a slightly higher share of the vote than the Conservatives across the two wards.

Both the Conservative and Liberal Democrat candidates for this by-election won District seats in this division earlier this year. Paul Thompson topped the poll for the Conservatives in the two-member South Petherton whilst Paul Maxwell held Eggwood for the Liberal Democrats. Interestingly, the Green candidate in this by-election contested this division in 2009 as an Independent despite the fact the Greens were also standing.

The Conservatives hold a comfortable majority in Somerset so although losing this seat would be disappointing they should keep control of the County Council until the next all out elections take place in 2013.

South Petherton (Somerset)

By-Election Candidate


Paul Thompson (Con)


Paul Maxwell (LD)


N/C (Ind)


Ian Greenfield (Grn)


Godfrey Davey (UKIP)



  1. There is a second by election taking place on 4th August in Yapton Village ward on Yapton Parish (Arun D.C. West Sussex). Outgoing councillor was an independent. The only candidates in the contest are Independent and Labour.

  2. I've now looked at the Yapton Village ward results for 6th May and the elected councillors were eight independent and one UKIP.