Monday, 1 November 2010

Guest Post @WhoRulesWhere Mk. III

The second part of my US Mid-Term preview is up on the WhoRulesWhere blog. This post is focussed on the key battles for Governorships and State Legislatures. Fred seems to think the key selling point of the article is the lovely picture! The elections are taking place tomorrow so if you want a quick overview of what's been happening across the pond I'd like to think my articles fit the bill. If you missed it earlier in the week, here's the first one on the Congressional elections.

Any fans of our Thursday night by-election tweeting may be pleased to hear we'll be up all night tomorrow to cover the US elections. We'll be tweeting from @BritainVotes, @tnjharris and @CTerry1985. Fred will also be around on @WhoRulesWhere. Although Eastern Time is four hours behind GMT the night shouldn't be much longer than a UK election. Many states' polling stations close as early as 6pm, so we're likely to know what the overall picture is earlier than this year's General Election!


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