Sunday, 12 December 2010

Tim Montgomerie: Seven steps to a Lib Dem recovery

I never really link to other blogger’s articles (which is terrible blogger etiquette), and I hardly ever agree with Tim Montgomerie, but I think his article ‘seven steps to a Lib Dem recovery’ is right on the money.

Montgomerie is completely right to say that the Liberal Democrats best chance of success lies in staying the course, remaining in the coalition, and in working towards economic growth. Partially by design (five year fixed term parliaments...) the political cycle and the plans for economic recovery are synchronised. Yet he is also right to say that the Lib Dems need to gain more concessions from Cameron, work with Labour whenever possible, and replace Nick Clegg with Tim Farron around 2014. I have personally highlighted my own view of Farron as the future of the Liberal Democrats on this very blog, and replacing Clegg with him as leader seems a good plan.

That said, as Montgomerie himself alludes, Clegg should remain as Deputy PM until the election. Farron should be the face of the next election, Clegg is tied to the coalition, making Farron leader, but leaving him on the backbenches, would allow him to outline a new vision of Lib Demmery for 2015 even as the party continues in coalition.

So yes, read Montgomerie's article. There is surprising wisdom in the piece.


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