Friday, 29 October 2010

Quick By-Election Round-Up (28th October)

My shifts haven't fallen well this week. Not only did we miss last night's live tweeting, I'm not going to be able to provide a full round up until tomorrow at the absolute earliest. So for now you'll have to make do with just the results!

Labour comfortably held both the seats they were defending last night. In Kentish Town, Camden they enjoyed a 10.6% swing towards them from the Liberal Democrats. However, the Lib Dems only lost 3.6% themselves, so the result wasn't as terrible as it looks. In fact, the Conservatives and the Greens both lost around 5% to Labour indicating that this was a good result for the reds rather than a bad one for the yellows. In East Kilbride West, South Lanarkshire Labour required all the rounds to secure victory in this AV election. The full transfers weren't up at the time of writing (3am) but the first preference share was remarkably unchanged from the 2007 election. There was a slight SNP>LAB swing but Labour still only received just over 40%. This will be quite pleasing for the Scottish Nationalists who were trailing Labour by a 10 point margin in the last Holyrood poll.

The other by-election last night was for Springbank, Cheltenham BC and the Liberal Democrats easily held the seat. There was a 5.2% swing towards them from the Conservatives, but this is slightly distorted because of the additional candidates standing for this vacancy. The Lib Dems vote share dropped slightly, although it was the Tories who seemed to suffer most from the inclusion of a Labour candidate in the race.


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